Watercolor Bezels part 2

Watercolor Bezels  part 2
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Price: $85.00
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Brand New Online workshop !

Available 24/7 in your portfolio in the Terri Brush Academy ! its FREE to join ! 
( picture is from Watercolors part 1 class ) 
This class is FABULOUS ! . lots of plaster, watercolor paints, molding, face making and roses !! 
Before you purchase this class please sign up for an account in the Academy  .. 
This class is Part 2 of watercolor Bezels class !

We had so much fun we just have to have a part two ! .. 

We will move more in debth of layering resin and stamping designs inside our bezel..
aging antiquing plaster and making fun resin colored heart dangles learning to color bezels  ! .. 
This class Opens June 30th  

We will be using a soldering iron and a Micro torch in this class.. 
Please know when you sign up the only name I get is what you use in your paypal account ! .. if that name isnt registered in the Acadmey I cannot find you !... so please  email me your name if it is differnet then the paypal. I will emial you but the only email I get also is your paypal email! and people tell me they never check that ??? 
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